Alpine Meadows Reviews

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I enjoy the Alpine Meadows , the open layout for the living room and kitchen is pretty sweet. It is all kind of older but in decent shape, all appliances work! Also, there ARENT any cockroaches which is a major plus. I love how itâ??s pet friendly too. Not to mention the staff and management are super nice, they are easy going and understanding.

I lived at Alpine Meadows for 9 years and had mixed feeling about moving. The community is friendly, clean and up dated. Management is approachable, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. The maintenance team were good about having any repairs done in a timely manner and were professional when entering a unit.

There were some issues but they were taken care of quickly and accordingly

I really like my apartment, the staff are on top of things, when I have had an issue, they respond very fast.

Since the change in management several months back, things are done professionally, cleanly, and punctually. Very well done!

I have lived here over a year. They have had a ton of managers. But they get fired obviously cause they suck. They have a new GM and she is amazing. The lights in the parking lot work and they haven't worked in the last 6 months. I have a very noisy neighbor and complained she actually gave them a notice and it's been quiet! I love her that office is clean and she actually does something. I think they have found a great manager. Even all new maintenance!

This place is amazing and the property has definitely come a long way from where it was before. Management truly cares for the tenants and work hard to maintain good grounds and great units.

APM apartments are awesome the are in the process of renovation apartments when they are empty. Also they are pet friendly :)